Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Making Kit


Wine making is a simple, natural process. Add yeast to grape juice, let it ferment in a controlled environment, and boom. Yet wine's mystique can make the vintner's art seem out of reach. Consider this kit a pool floaty for the beginner winemaker: It helps you jump in without fear.

The kit contains all the equipment and ingredients you need to make one gallon (approx. five 750ml bottles) of robust Cabernet Sauvignon. Representing the true terroir of Napa Valley and the deep, full-bodied character of this noble California red grape, this wine has the typically intense Cab flavor and aroma.

The only challenge will be learning your winespeak, so repeat after us: "My 2017 Chateau Moi Cabernet is flamboyant yet austere, with a laser-like insouciance, a bouquet as muscular as a Malibu surfer, and a finish as long as the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge." Assembled in Orlando, Florida. Cabernet Sauvignon juice made in Napa Valley, California. 14% ABV.

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