Self-Watering Herbal Tea Kit


Just as it takes hot water to bring tea leaves to life, this self-hydrating system by Sarah Burrows and Nick Behr starts the process from the ground up. The idea for this system grew from the makers' struggle to sustain a kitchen garden in their fourth-floor Chicago apartment. The busy professionals turned to hydroponics for help and were astounded by the results. Designed for space-conscious urbanites, home cooks, and aspiring indoor farmers, each of their kits is outfitted with reusable glass canning jars. The jars are threaded with wicks that pull water into the transplantable coco husk pots, keeping your teas-to-be hydrated. Once your organic mint, bee balm, and lemon basil seeds have sprouted, transfer the seedlings along with their biodegradable pots outside to thrive in your garden. Snip the herbs and mix with your favorite teas for a delightful boost of fresh flavor. Assembled in Illinois.

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