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The easiest way to offer wholesale pricing on Shopify!

With Wholesale Club, your wholesale customers can log in to access exclusive pricing on your store. Set up is simple and there's no need to duplicate your store or your products!  Create different tiers of customer groups to reward and incentivize your most loyal customers with special features like Volume DiscountsCustom PricingAdvanced MinimumsQuick Order and Net Terms

how to use this demo: 3 easy steps

1. Choose a Customer Type

View the details of the two main wholesale customer types used in this demo below, and choose which one you'd like to log in as.

2. Log In

Visit the Customer Accounts page and use the info provided there, to log in as your chosen customer type.

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3. Start Shopping!

Once logged in, pick a collection from the "Demo Shop" header menu or use the button below to view all collections.

I'm ready - let's shop!

Customer types for this demo

You can log in as a Silver wholesale customer or as a Gold customer to see how different shoppers access different prices and features. Although this demo store has two only 2 customer groups, you can create as many as you need on your own store. 

See what discounts each group activates below!


This customer type will see the following deals and pricing:

- Gift and Home collections: 40% off retail price
- Arts & CraftsGames, and DIY Kits collections: 60% off retail price
- Additional 5% off when you spend $500 or more
- Additional 1% off when you spend $1000 or more
- Minimum cart total of $500


This customer type will see the following deals and pricing:

• Products in all collections are 50% off retail price
• Products in the Tech and Bestsellers collections have wholesale prices created with Custom Prices feature
• Additional 5% off when they spend $500 or more
• Additional 10% off when they spend $1000 or more
Minimum order quantity of 10 
• Can place their order using Net Terms

after logging in, start shopping!

How to complete your order:

Once you've got items in your cart, proceed to Checkout and enter any name and address, along with the following payment information:

Card number: 1
CVC: 123
Expiry: Any date in the future
Name: Any first and last name

You can also try the pay later option by logging in as a
Gold customer and checking out with Net Terms

Hear what our merchants are saying

This app is amazing, can do a lot of customization for my wholesale customer, The best part is the support team, they are quick and supportive every time you need them.

Nado Apparel Group

Amazing app and even better customer service!! The app works flawlessly and any small custom revisions are made for you free of charge by their amazing service team.

Rankin Warehouse
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App features + FAQ

Find all our Wholesale Club Resources here, or choose an article below to dig deeper!

  • Manual Orders

    With Manual Orders, you or your staff members can create wholesale orders for your customers that can be paid with an invoice or other payment type...
  • Net Terms

    Delaying your customer’s payment when an order is made is a common requirement for wholesale stores and our Net Terms feature builds in this control. Once this feature is set up, by tagging customers with a specific net terms tag your customer will be able to submit their order on the Cart page and skip the checkout.
  • Quick Order Form

    Wholesale buyers typically know what they want and the quantity they need. We’re here to help improve their shopping experience with the Quick Order Form feature.
  • Order Minimums

    Wholesale Club comes with some built in minimums settings, allowing you to set a minimum order quantity or cart value a customer must meet before placing an order. You can also vary the requirements per customer group!
  • Volume Discounts

    Many merchants need a base discount their customers can see as soon as they log in to the storefront. They also like to offer some more incentive to increase the order total. Our Volume Discounts feature has them covered!
  • Custom Prices

    Do your customers require a new set price per product instead of a percentage discount or a collection targeted discount? Our Custom Prices feature allows for granular control for each individual product SKU to balance nicely with our default functionality! 
  • Theme integration

    Wholesale Club requires code to be injected into the theme file of your choice. When you run Wholesale Club's Theme Setup tool, the app will create an exact copy of your requested theme and install the app's code on that copy.
  • App compatibility

    We definitely understand that merchants can require several apps to get all the functionality they need. Our app does interact with some pretty important areas so that can cause some compatibility issues if other apps are trying to work with the same areas.
  • Common questions

    How does Wholesale Club integrate with my theme? Wholesale Club requires code to be injected into the theme file of your choice. When you run Whol...

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