Net Terms


Delaying your customer’s payment when an order is made is a common requirement for wholesale stores and our Net Terms feature addition builds in this control. Once this feature is set up, by tagging customers with a specific net terms tag your customer will be able to submit their order on the Cart page and skip the checkout. As you set this feature up, you will be able to set if the order comes through as a Draft order or Final order. 

Once the order is placed, you can manage it as you see fit. By choosing the Draft order setting, you can also send out an invoice later on to accept payment. The app doesn’t interfere with the order once it’s placed so that each store can work with their specific structure. 

There’s a lot of nuance to this feature so we have a lot of information in our Help Center, including: 

Storefront testing

In our demo here, if you log into the Gold customer account you will see the Net Terms button on the cart page

Due to the code needed to integrate this form into your theme, this isn’t included in the 14-day trial of Wholesale Club.

If the demo looks like a good fit, we recommend purchasing the feature addition through our site and having our team install the code. If you have any questions leading up to the install, let us know at


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