Common questions

How does Wholesale Club integrate with my theme?

Wholesale Club requires code to be injected into the theme file of your choice. When you run Wholesale Club's Theme Setup tool, the app will create an exact copy of your requested theme and install the app's code on that copy. This leaves your original theme untouched, giving you a safe backup.

Once you’ve run the Theme Setup tool, use our checklist here to make sure everything is running smoothly. The checklist covers setting up some discounts, setting up customers and testing some common issues that can come up in the storefront! 

Can I override shipping rates?

Wholesale Club tries to leave as much of your Shopify Admin settings as stable as possible. This means we don’t interfere much with your Shipping settings and your retail and wholesale customers will see the same shipping rates. 

One area in our app which offers further control is the Extra Fees section. This is a flexible setting that can help you add service fees and it can also add fees for shipping. We also have the option to force ‘free shipping’ which does wipe the default shipping but we aren’t able to get more granular than that. For some more information, the settings are covered here.

Can I change the default tax settings?

Taxes are strictly managed by your Shopify admin, and wholesale customers will see the same taxes in the checkout as your retail customers.

If you use our Net Terms feature addition and have net orders come in as drafts, you can edit the tax rate before sending an invoice through your Shopify admin. For more information, click here. 

Wholesale Club can’t pick up on special tax rates set up in Shopify like VAT, and these won’t be shown in the checkout for wholesale customers. While our team can sometimes assist with cosmetic changes to show VAT calculations on product pages or collection pages, any other VAT customizations are best left to a Shopify Expert from

Does Wholesale Club work with Shopify POS?

Wholesale Club can be used on the Shopify POS app! It doesn’t have the same requirements as the online store so the Quick Order Form and Net Terms features don’t have overlap in the app. In this case, as the order is built by your sales team, the app can be selected to apply and you would need to select the customer as well! We go into more detail in our article here.

Can I automate the customer account setup?

Our app uses the Shopify Customer Account structure to build up your customer groups. This connects each B2B merchant with their email address and password so they can log in and see their prices. To set up each customer requires adding a tag to their account and we don’t currently have a way to automate this in our app. There are a couple of options if this could really save you some time. One option is to have a form that can apply the tag based on conditional responses — for this we recommend Customer Fields

Can I use Dynamic checkout buttons like PayPal? Can I use Ajax carts?

Wholesale Club relies on the flow between the product page all the way through to the checkout. This means that your customer needs to be sent through to the cart page, then the standard Shopify checkout. Dynamic checkout buttons interrupt this flow and can prevent the proper discounts from applying so we recommend disabling them. 

For fly-out and Ajax carts, the price is a lot harder for us to override. This can create a confusing experience for your customers if they don't see the price they are expecting. This demo using Debut is an exception, you can see the fly-out cart works because the price isn't visible. For many themes we do recommend redirecting your customer to the full cart page for the best experience!

How do syncs work when I update my products in the Shopify admin?

If you're not updating regularly, we want to make sure that when you make changes to your products and collections, that Wholesale Club will update as well. Our app will sync the new information when you:

  • Install the app
  • Create/update/delete a wholesale discount
  • Add or remove a product from your admin
  • Updating any product meta fields
  • Add or remove a product from a collection
  • Delete a collection connected with a wholesale discount

In the app admin you can see the status of a sync. If you have a lot of regular updates to pricing and product information, you may move into our High Volume Synching group. This just means that we'll automatically sync your store every 24 hours to improve stability and consistency.  

More specifically, we are confined to the Shopify Rate Limits. So we can only process 2 jobs per second and we can only go as fast as the API allows us. This means you can gauge sync times roughly by multiplying 2 seconds by the amount of products you are updating or adding. 

Tip: Some apps can trigger frequent product syncs as well! We cover app compatibility more here.


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