App compatibility

We definitely understand that merchants can require several apps to get all the functionality they need. Our app does interact with some pretty important areas so that can cause some compatibility issues if other apps are trying to work with the same areas. App code and functionality can change so we won’t be listing specific apps here but we can flag some common areas of overlap!

Discount field

Shopify has a single discount field in the Checkout. This means that apps tend to compete over this field if they are all trying to give a discount in some way. Wholesale Club also uses this field which means that other apps that offer discounts for products, loyalty programs, etc, can butt heads. 

For Shopify’s discount codes, we do have an option to add a field to your Cart page instead, and this bundles all the discounts together in the Checkout so it can work smoothly. If you’re using the Shopify automatic discounts, those won’t be able to combine with the wholesale discounts. 

Tip: If you want to offer discounts to your retail customers and skip your wholesale customers, our Ultimate Special Offers app can block discounts from specific logged-in customers so you can add in your Wholesale Club customer tags and keep the two discount worlds separate! 


As mentioned, we use the Shopify discount field to apply wholesale prices properly. That means we rely on the standard Shopify Checkout flow to work smoothly. A number of apps create a different checkout process to support their functionality so in this case, these apps will conflict with Wholesale Club

Products and Collections

This is a broad group and can include a wide range of apps, but if an app is altering prices or templates it can cause some issues with Wholesale Club. We rely on a standard structure to apply the right discount for each customer group. If these apps are in use, our app doesn’t have the connections it’s expecting to update and apply discounts as needed. This can include apps that:

  • Create new product or collection templates. For example, adding new product variants
  • Alter the prices of products. Like Loyalty programs or other discount apps
  • Add pre-order functionality
  • Build new pages. For example, Page builder apps sometimes use Javascript which prevents us from showing Wholesale Club prices. 

Product syncs

This is a more specific type of app that updates your product information in the Shopify admin. With these updates, Wholesale Club will need to update as well. If an app is doing this automatically and frequently, it can create a sync backlog and pricing issues. Knowing which apps update your product information and how frequently will help see if this could be an issue down the road! 

Other Wholesale apps

It’s a great idea to make a duplicate theme file before testing out apps so that you aren’t layering code from different apps. It’s normal to want to compare some apps to make sure you have the best fit, but wholesale apps are a bit tricky. They all typically overlap in similar areas and can make each app break as a result. We highly recommend testing one at a time and adding app code to theme files that do not have other wholesale app code left behind. Even when an app is uninstalled from your admin, it can leave code behind in your theme so the duplicate backup can help save you a lot of testing and troubleshooting!


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