Volume Discounts

Many merchants need a base discount their customers can see as soon as they log in to the storefront. They also like to offer some more incentive to increase the order total. Our Volume Discounts feature has them covered!

With this feature, you can apply an additional discount on top of your wholesale price if a customer hits your targets. These discounts will apply to all logged-in customers so if you set an additional 5% off at the $500 mark, it will take 5% off each customer group like Gold and Silver. 



For example, say the original discount for Gold-tier customers is 40% off select collections and Silver-tier customers is 30% off the same collections. If Volume Discounts is set to 5% off if the cart total reaches $500, customers in both groups will get an extra discount. Gold-tier customers will get 45% off and Silver-tier customers will get 35%.

Our article here covers the nitty-gritty!

Storefront testing

On our demo here, you can see the additional 5% come off if your cart total hits the $500 discounted cart mark— for both Silver and Gold customers! 

The trigger doesn’t need to be cart total, you can also target cart product quantity and single product quantity.

This feature is included in our trial of Wholesale Club so you can test it out!


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