7: How Many Days...?


One of our greatest illusions is that "someday" we will have more time to savor and enjoy the things we really love, but 30,000 mornings (give or take) is all we're given. Happiness comes when we realize that life is more than just marking time - it's an adventure! 

This thought-provoking book is designed to be your wake-up call, your guide and inspiration. It's full of compelling messages that range from quotes and poems to eye-opening statistics. There are pages with thinking exercises and blanks to fill in, so that you can start contemplating your aspirations even as you read. The book has no pictures, yet the typography is so engaging that the words themselves become captivating illustrations. This one insightful book has the power to make a lasting impact by reminding you that there is no such thing as an insignificant day. Printed in China.

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