Absinthe Making Kit


You don't need a still or a garden of obscure botanicals to make your own fragrant absinthe with this DIY kit. Just add your favorite high proof neutralthe kit has everything else to transform the liquor into the storied "Green Fairy" beloved of 19th century artists and writers (without the notorious neurotoxins of Bohemian legend). The key to the kit is a blend of eleven certified organic botanicals from around the worldincluding Fennel, Anise, Licorice, Hyssop, Angelica, and Artemisiawhich add heady complexity to the brew. The kit also includes a 500 ml Tortuga antique green bottle with custom-designed label, a 4 inch funnel, a natural coffee filter, and easy instructions for brewing your absinthe. The label invites customization to record your cocktail creation. Assembled in Nevada by cocktail-loving couple Ryan and Melanie Belshee. Refill kits also available to keep the Green Fairy flowing.

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