F for Effort


Question: What did Paul Revere say at the end of his famous ride? If you answered "Woah!" then you're correct! At least according to this hilarious compendium of outrageous answers from the author of the national bestseller "F in Exams". Celebrating the creative side of failure—from sassy mathematical solutions to hilarious reimaginings of historical events—this unabashedly silly book celebrates the creative side of failure with 250 authentic responses to common test quandaries from K-12 jokesters. 

This unbelievable assortment of audacious longshots contains questions from the sweat-inducing pop quizzes of the past, but rather than drawing a blank these students took being on the spot as an opportunity to be in the spotlight! No subject is safe from snark in this amusing book full of groan-worthy gaffes supplied by class clowns across the USA and the UK. A touching, funny, and oh-so-real look at the life of the average educator, this little pick-me-up is sure to bring smiles to any student, teacher, or professor. Printed in China.

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