Roadmap: The Get It Together Guide


"So let me get this straight, I have to pay rent, save money, look presentable, AND be doing something I love and find fulfilling?" A new college graduate's first few steps into the real world can be a lot like a bow-legged baby deer trying to figure out the best loan consolidation tactics. Enter Roadmap, Roadtrip Nation's official "get it together" guide.

Filled with interviews from influential, bona fide adults, this book offers words of wisdom for the new graduate, the worker bee with dreams of something bigger, or just someone looking for enough incentive to change career paths. Inspiring thoughts like "build a life, not a resume," "find something that allows a piece of your soul to participate," and "trust that you have something unique to offer" serve as jumping off points for a veritable roadmap towards your best self. Made in China.

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